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Our Philosophy

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Allegiance Environmental Services is a New Jersey-based consulting firm that believes solutions to environmental problems should be simple and cost-effective. Over the past two decades many consulting firms have focused on studying problems rather than solving them. We strive to understand a problem as quickly as possible, identify acceptable solutions, and then act promptly to implement the solutions. Allegiance Environmental believes that the client's goals should be addressed at the start of each project and the project should continually move forward by applying realistic, rational and proven methods to meet those goals.

One way to meet those goals is to provide turnkey services to minimize bother to the client. Allegiance Environmental can provide a vast majority of remediation work on a turnkey basis. Real progress can be made with this type of approach because there is one point of contact and relying on established vendors and contractors reduces costs. This also allows Allegiance Environmental to closely monitor schedules and subcontractors to meet budgets.